How do I Print This?
First, Download this design from Thingiverse.

Next, you will need to import the design into a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program. We recommend TinkerCAD, a free online app made for anyone of any age to modify 3D printable designs.

In TinkerCAD you can quickly change the size, add text, remove parts, or combine with other designs. Learn more about remixing in TinkerCAD here, or more generally about designing here.
This is the best option for 3D printing beginners. They will ensure that the design you requested can be printed, and will help answer your questions.
This is usually less expensive than Online Services, but they do not print in more exotic materials.

Feel free to contact them about your print and desired materials Talk with a Shop
This is the most expensive option, but you can print on many more materials like metal, glass, and flexible plastics. In addition to printing fees, you will pay for shipping. Click the button below to see exact pricing and material options for this design.

Importantly, you are guaranteed no help or consultation from the people printing, so only order designs you know to be printable. If you are just starting printing, or have questions about printing this design, we recommend the "Consult and Print with a Nearby Shop" option above.
Get Exact Price Quote of 3D File Print Online with Help
This is by far the least expensive way to print, as you only have to pay for material usage (~$9/lb for common plastics). However, this is also the most challenging way to print, as you will need to learn much more about how to print or find people that can help you.

The "How To Print" link details the process you need to print without the help of a service:

Any 3D printer you will use will require lots of trial-and-error to learn. This is normal, but your first prints may be easier when done through a nearby shop. There, you will not need to learn any more about 3D printing than what is necessary to get started
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